Calling All Canberran’s!

King O'Malley's started the Grow a Winter
Beard initiative to raise funds for worthy charities in 2015. In 2018, we will be
challenging all Australia, to join the movement to support Menslink Canberra.

King O'Malley's Campaign Goes National

The Grow a Winter Beard campaign started in Canberra and is still going strong in the nation's capital, nurtured by King O'Malley's and supported by Canbeards. King O’Malley’s Irish Pub will host a competition to find Canberra’s Best Beard during an Australian Beard Day event on Saturday 4th August.

King O'Malleys invites the rest of Australia to join them in 2018, and for all beard and moustache clubs and local Menslink committees to get behind this whiskery adventure!

Grow a winter beard

About Menslink Australia

Menslink started in 2002 because we knew that a significant number of young guys were doing it tough. Too many young guys are dropping out of school (double the rate of young girls), are involved in crime (ten times or more the rate of young girls) and, very sadly, take their own lives (four times the rate). Not enough young guys put up their hand and ask for help when they go through tough times and we wanted to make it easy for them to get the help they need; when they need it. 

Last year, we spoke to over 9,000 young guys about mental health, provided over 1,600 free counselling sessions and our volunteer mentors spent thousands of hours being a role model and guide for young guys without dads in their lives. 

Your support will help us support more young guys than ever this year!

Menslink supports young men across our region in three ways:

  1. Encouraging them to speak up and get help, or inspire their mates to get help, through educational sessions in schools and other community groups;
  2. Providing intensive short-term counselling to help them get through stressful life events with the least amount of harm to themselves and those around them; and
  3. Longer term mentoring support from positive male role models, especially for young guys who are socially isolated or for the 17% of young men who no longer live with their dad.

Support Menslink Australia in Winter. Grow a winter beard in 2018!