To assist you in reaching your 2018 fundraising target you can download the Grow a Winter Beard for Menslink poster and then put it up at work to promote your involvement in the campaign. You can start fundraising straight away - online, around your workplace and with your family and friends. We’ve got some fundraising ideas for you below.

  • Forward your everydayhero fundraising page to your friends, family, colleagues and stakeholders explaining what you’re doing and ask for support. You may be surprised how many suppliers and other stakeholders you actually deal who will be willing to donate! Even small amounts can add up quickly.

  • Share your profile page with your social media network.

  • Organise a casual day at work and request a donation to participate.

  • Office raffle - ask local businesses to donate prizes towards the raffle.

  • You could look towards more traditional fundraising means, selling chocolates or chilled drinks at work.

  • Host a morning tea or lunch at your workplace - ask for a donation to participate.

  • Office donation collection.

  • Run a 'guess how many lollies in the jar' competition at work and request a gold coin donation (or similar) to participate.

  • Email signature - add your profile link to your email signature asking people to support you.

  • Host a trivia night with colleagues or friends and ask for a donation to participate.

  • Wacky dress day - charge a fee for your colleagues to wear crazy clothes or hats for the day.

  • Have a fun challenge and think outside the box – compete against another person or a business competitor or sporting team.

All funds raised will go towards Menslink Australia's important primary prevention initiatives and education programs.

Looking for some material to display around the workplace or to share through social networks? Then be sure to download the following...

To download, right-click on desired image, select Save image as..., save the file, then print it!